Elisa Lovati Fotografie

Elisa Lovati, an eclectic and sensitive author, transmits her emotions through her coloured or black and white photos.
She loves “stolen” images where subjects are not posed and she is able to capture true moments of life where peoples’ strong feelings come through.
Her love and knowledge of horses allowed her to really understand the Siena's Palio world, where horses are the stars.
Meetings with famous artists and photographers have contributed to her creativity and personal research.
In 2015 she took part in the first Biennale di Fotografia in Milano. One of her photo was choosen by “Corriere della sera “ newspaper.

- Town of Siena for “Enjoy Siena” app in 2015, 2016 and 2017
- Consorzio Tutela Palio di Siena, official photographer since 2013. Many photos have been
published in the volumes “Scatti in campo” , 2013,2014,2015, 2016,2017, 2018, 2019.
- “Numeri Unici” printed by the contradas winner and some Contrada’s magazines.
- The magazine “Il Carroccio di Siena” , photographs and articles.
Photo covers: October 2012, June 2014, June 2015, December 2016, June 2017.
- The magazine "Tufo al cuore".
- "Cavallo magazine", Photographs and cover August 2017

And again:
- Classic dancing school “Proscaenium Danza Project” Gallarate.
- Books and cd covers for editors and recording agencies.
- Photovogue Italia and USA.
- International classic and jazz musicians.

Personal exibitions:
2017 Special Guest- Incontri Fotografici d'autunno-Villa Tittoni Valsecchi- Desio (MB)
2016 "Il Palio Dentro"- Palazzo Comunale- Magazzini del Sale- Siena
2013 " Armonia delle forme" -
2012 " Fotografie " - Monteriggioni ( SI)
2011 "Ritratti " - Teatro delle Arti- Gallarate (VA)
2010 " Soffi e baruffe" - Gallarate (VA)

Collective exibitions:
2015” Prima Biennale di Fotografia” - Trezzo d’Adda (MI)
2015 “ Photissima “ - Chiostro dei Frari - Venezia
2015 Concorso Nazionale d’Arte Contemporanea ( finalista) –Palazzo Stella- Genova
2010" Sferica-Art party" - Castello di Masnago (VA)

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